Opportunities for Backwater Paddling


Backwater Canoe Trails

There are several Mississippi River backwater canoe trails above and below the Lock & Dam 5A. Blackbird Slough, across the channel from the campground is the most accessible and easiest.

If you are interested in a longer adventure, however, the Verchota Canoe Trail could be an option. The length of this trail makes it a more difficult adventure and you will be going against the current in the beginning.  Recommended for experienced paddlers.  However, you can put in at Bass Camp and go with the flow of the river following the canoe route signs to Verchota Landing instead of doing the entire loop from Verchota  Landing. Trail length:  11.3 miles. 

Swans Bird Watching.jpg

Bird watching

Located in the heart of the Mississippi Valley Flyway, Winona is a natural destination for birds and bird watchers. Both the city and the region host a great variety of birds who nest here, are year-round residents or pass through the area during migration. Over 280 species of birds have been identified in the bluffs, valleys and backwaters of the Winona area

Be a part of those who are monitoring wildlife species within our ecosystem through your phone.


Ecosystem monitoring

The backwaters of the Mississippi are home to diverse animal and plant species. Be a part of the information gathering team through observing and monitoring the wildlife and environmental conditions with the hope of preserving and enhancing the beauty that we all call home.