Frequently asked questions

Do you allow pets at the campground?

We love pets of all kinds. However you will be held responsible for containing your pet within your site at all times using a leash or other humane methods of containment. PLEASE clean up any waste from your pets immediately after they have finished their business. If your pet is known for being overly reactive with other animals or humans we respectfully ask that you do not bring them into the park. Pets must not be left alone at anytime. There is an off-leash dog park within the Prairie Island Park Complex just a short distance from the campground.

Can I leave my boat in the water overnight?

Absolutely! We do however ask that you respect the swimming access at the beach area. There are many areas along the shoreline where boats can be moored overnight. We will however not be responsible for any theft, damage or other mishaps.

Can I park my boat in my site?

We do have a designated boat parking area that is preferred. If you do choose to park your boat in your site you must respect site boundaries and it can not cause bottle neck issue for other guests.

Can I bring my own firewood?

Sorry but you can not transport non-certified firewood into the campground. Nail, paint and finish free, and untreated dimensional lumber that has been cut into smaller pieces is allowed. (ie: untreated construction off cuts) Packaged wood with a USDA certificate attached can be brought in, however our on-site supply of firewood is often considerably less expensive.

Does the campground flood?

The campground is right on the Mississippi River and does occasionally flood during high water events. We do not flash flood however. The river changes level regularly throughout the season. These changes happen over multi-day cycles. We know well in advance whether we will be negatively affected by heavy rain events or seasonal snow melt. If your reservation will be affected by flooding you will be notified 3-7 days in advance. Click on the following link to check the 7 day forecast for river levels at the campground. CAMPGROUND RIVER LEVEL

We are totally closed to camping at the 16’ river level. Our lowest lying sites start to be affected at 12’.