From the unspoiled beauty of Prairie Island to the center of historic downtown Winona is just three miles, putting you minutes away from some pretty fantastic dining, shopping, and entertainment. While you’re there, take a look at the incredible architecture because Winona has more than 100 buildings on the National Historic Register in the downtown area alone, and it’s a beautiful city to wander.  The Winona County History Center is a great place to start.

In between Prairie Island Campground and downtown is the shockingly cool Minnesota Marine Art Museum, a world-class venue on the banks of the Mississippi that features works by masters like Picasso, Van Gogh, Renoir, and many others, as well as traveling exhibits, programming for children, and stunning prairie gardens perfect for strolling. Also, Winona is home to an impressive array of music, theater, and cultural festivals.  Whether you like bluegrass or Beethoven, Winona has it, because this is a city that loves to be entertained.


Whether you crave a scenic drive or a sight seeing stroll, let yourself be stunned by the beauty of Winona.

If you are into classical music or bluegrass, Picasso or parades, Shakespeare or modern documentaries, Winona is the place to be. 

No matter if your taste is for masters like Van Gogh, legends like Yo-yo Ma, or icons like Shakespeare, prepare to be blown away by what you find in Winona. 


We were loggers, traders, and pioneering spirits, and now we're artists, artisans, and music lovers who embrace the seeds that created this city.

From the tip top of our bluffs to the deep blue of our rivers Winona is an outdoor recreation dream for hikers, bikers, paddlers and more.

Taste buds delight in the variety of fare found here, from home-cooked goodness to white-linen sophistication. Brew pubs and bistros, epicurean adventures, and local legends.